A Statement from the Chairman.

We have had 3 attempted break ins to the clubhouse which have resulted in major damage to doors windows and locks. Furthermore there has been damage to our floodlights by intruders who wantonly smashed the glass casings and bulbs, rendering them not fit for purpose.The damage has put the future of senior football in Bedlington at risk. We have estimated the cost of repairs to be in the region of £5640. We are a club run by volunteers and donations. We don’t have a rich benefactor who will take care of the bill. We will have to rely on the generosity of the people of Bedlington to survive this latest set back or call it a day. The club will enter it’s 70th year in 2019 and we would like to be in existence to celebrate this milestone with the people of Bedlington. Thank you in anticipation of your assistance
Ronan Liddane

Please go to the link below if you can donate and help us this will be really appreciated 


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