What are The Hazards Who might be harmed Controls required Addition


Action By Who Action by when? Date Completed
Entry to ground All Paying Customers & Turnstile Operators Where possible turnstiles should not be used.

Entry should be through the main gate. Social  Distancing whilst awaiting admission to ground.

Cash Handling-

Risk of Transmission

All Paying Customers & Turnstile Operators No Cash should be handled. Spectators should be asked to bring correst money if Possible and admission prices should be clearly advertised.        
Inside the ground All Users Signs should be displayed on all sides of the ground reminding users of the need to maintain social distancing Hand sanitizer should be provided immediately after entry to the ground and also in the clubhouse and Café      








Failure to social distance- risk of transmission All users Signs should displayed at the entrance to & inside the clubhouse reminding all users of the need to maintain social distancing


Only one volunteer should be behind the bar at any one time

The floor should be marked with a 2 metre zone as a walkway to the bar & exits


On entry Visitors should queue for the bar in a social distancing gap. THERE WILL BE NO STANDING AT THE BAR and visitors must sit at the tables


Tables should be limited to a Maximum of 6 and should be from no more then 2 households

The toilet areas in the clubhouse should be limited at any time and cleaned regularly during matches






Cash handling- risk of transmission            
Café All Café users including Volunteers Users should be encouraged to have the exact payment

It is preferable for items in the café to be priced in  round pounds.

Failure to social distance –risk of transmission All users & volunteers The ground on the approach should be marked so as to enable a queue toform at 2 metre interval.

Hand Sanitizer should be available outside the café. Only 1 volunteer should be serving in the Cafe

Paying for Food- risk of transmission   Cash should be handled in the same way. Correct money and for that reason it is preferable for food, drinks etc to be priced in round Pounds        










CHANGING ROOMS            
Failure to social distance- risk of transmission All Users These should remain closed except for using the toilets. Where toilets need to be used, only 1 person at a time is to be allowed        
Failure to social distance- risk of transmission All users Spectators should only watch the Match adjacent to the perimeter fence of the pitch or in the stand

In all locations Spectators must maintain social distancing unless they are members of a household

A 1 way system around the ground should be implemented.

Signs should be erected around the ground reminding spectators of the need to social distancing and remind them of the restrictions on congregating

No spectator should come into contact with the match ball, unless unavoidable. If the ball leaves the field of play, a player should retrieve it





Technical area & dugouts            
Failure to social distance- Risk of Transmission Players & Management Only Mangement staff should use the dugouts which should be regularly cleaned. Substitutes should use the side rail next to the dugouts at least 2 metres apart.        
Waste All Users Waste bins should be provided in all areas of the ground. There should be waste bins next to the café and both inside & outside of the Clubhouse.

Bins must be fitted with bin liners inside.